Last Update: 2011-04-15 08:28:36 -0700

The DataMapper module has some quirks, mainly:

  1. For models that have the “storage_name” explicitly defined, the “has n, :through => Resource” relation doesn't work well. Don't use models, that have non-standard table names, or create the habtm resource by hand (check the test application)

  2. Because DataMapper uses a module instead of a superclass, you have to add the appropriate scaffolding_extensions modules by hand. The simplest way is to use the `add_scaffolding_methods` method in your controller, or initialization script:

    class Dm < Merb::Controller

    add_scaffolding_methods [DmOfficer, DmMeeting, DmEmployee, DmGroup, DmPosition]
    scaffold DmOfficer
    scaffold DmMeeting
    scaffold_all_models :only =>[DmEmployee, DmGroup, DmPosition]


You need dm-core, dm-validations, dm-transactions to use scaffolding extensions with datamapper. You also need do_sqlite3 in order to run the test_suite for scaffolding_extensions with datamapper.