Last Update: 2008-12-17 10:17:53 -0800

Camping doesn't have a defined folder structure for models, so scaffold_all_models shouldn't be used unless you pass the :only option, which gives a list of models to scaffold.

To use this plugin after installing the gem:

require 'scaffolding_extensions'

If you want to use it without installing the gem, add this before requiring it:


To use the plugin, inside your app's Controllers module, you need to define a subclass of scaffold_R, and call one of the scaffold methods inside of it. For example:

Camping.goes :Cse
module Cse::Controllers
  class Admin < scaffold_R("/admin")
    scaffold_all_models :only=>[Model1, Model2, Model3]

The path given to scaffold_R will be the root of the plugin.

Camping is not fully supported in that you can't override the scaffolded layout or scaffold templates without changing the scaffold_template_dir.